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lump on belly button piercing Stomach problems.

Belly Button Piercing infection Bump. The appearance of bump on belly button after piercing is usually an early symptom of infection. This usually happen after some few weeks. If the bump is not attended to, it can easily develop into a scar or keloid. Lump near belly button piercing. Belly button piercing. lump on belly piercing Belly button piercing belly button piercing is red and painful Comments and reviews on article "Belly button piercings: Pros and Cons" belly bar piercing repiercing belly button after pregnancy lump on piercing I think I'm allergic to metal for my belly piercing. The most common bump on a healing piercing is a boil, or bacterial pocket. This occurs when trauma causes a small tear, and microbes enter the wound. Boils are often painful and red, and may secrete pus or blood. Another common bump is hypotrophic scarring. The bump is caused by your body trying to reject the piercing. Having a metal belly button ring isn't natural and your body has no idea what it is. It's first reaction is to protect itself by getting rid of the piercing and healing itself. The bump is your body's reaction and it's way of closing the hole. There's this little bump around my belly ring and I don't know if it's a keloid or not. I just got it a few days ago. I don't know if I should just take the belly ring out or if its better to leave it in. someone please help because I don't know what to do and I hope its not a keloid because I really love my belly piercing and if it's a keloid then I won't be able to have it pierced.

I got my belly button pierced in March, up until now it has been all fine and dandy, no infections, no pain, nothing. HOWEVER last night when I was cleaning it, I noticed what I can only describe as a lump of my INSIDES on the outside, like a growth coming through the piercing hole at the bottom. Jul 28, 2009 · I got my belly button pierced in February, and this is the second time I've gotten it done. The first time was a little under a year before and it was too shallow for my taste. But this time around on the healing process I have a huge bump on the bottom half in my belly button. It does puss a little bit, but it doesn't always hurt. I've been cleaning it religiously when I shower and before bed. Mar 29, 2013 · Best Answer: That, my friend, is a keloid. Are they not the most annoying and piercing uglifying things in Earth? If you want to google it you can get details on exactly what they are type of scarring but I'm sure you're mainly just interested in getting rid of. You must wash your piercing twice daily with a salt solution and clean cotton swab to prevent bacterial growth and infection. Many people mistake signs of healing for an infection. You may experience persistent redness around the belly button, soreness, or pain that is simply a symptom of healing.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Legha on i have a bump in my belly button: This could be a hernia or a subcutaneous fatty tumor. Does it hurt? Belly button piercings are one of the most common body piercings today apart from the ears. Infected belly button piercings can be avoided by cleaning the wound properly, and if you do this, the pierced navel should heal within 6 to 9 months. However, sometimes the belly button can become infected. The first one can be felt as a lump in the stomach. It is more common in infants, and is caused by the abdomen wall being protruded by part of the intestine. Inguinal hernia is a less common cause for the lump above belly button, because the protrusion usually occurs in the groin or scrotum.

What is the lump in my belly button piercing? Yahoo Answers.

Bump on my belly piercing - Ask Me Help Desk.

Belly button piercing- red bump. pic. Okay, for starters, I've had these navel piercings for exactly 5 years. None of them have ever been infected. Also, I wear eyebrow jewelry instead of navel jewelry because I find them to look nicer and they don't snag on my clothing. I've worn the same eyebrow bars in the picture for 2 years. Belly button piercings are generally safe if a professional does the piercing in a clean environment. It can take two years for a belly button piercing to heal completely. During that time, you.

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